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Support for victims of self-harm

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This is NOT a pro-self-harm community, but you are welcome here whether you want to stop or not. But please do not encourage self-harm to anyone at anytime. We are simply here to provide support to those who seek it, whether that means support because you want to stop, or because "no one understands" that you don't.

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You do NOT need to be a self-harmer of any sort to be a part of this community.
Please be considerate of other members, regardless as to what your personal opinions of certain people here may be. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Remember that everyone is here for support, just like you.

Do NOT discriminate against race, religion, gender, or sexuality.
It is unacceptable to suggest or encourage self-harm or suicide to anyone, under any circumstances.

Do not post obsene or explicit pictures on the board or in the community.

You may advertise other communities as long as they are at least remotely about the same type of thing as this one.

When you join the livejournal community, don't be shy -- write a "hi" and a little introduction!!

Rules here may be added or changed any time and it is your responsibility to check them from time to time.

Thank you and have fun!
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